The Registered office is a principle place, where all the official correspondence from the various Authorities communicates to the company. The Company may change its registered office due to various reasons within the local limits of the city / town / village or between two States or from one ROC to another in same state.
As Change in Registered office required some process and required to give intimation with applicable authority.

Documents Required

  • Notice of

    General Meeting

  • Certified True Copy Of


  • Proof of Address (not older than 2 months)

    Copy of gas bill, electricity bill, telephone

  • Proof for

    Consent to use of premises (if it is not owned)

  • Registered proof of ownership (if its owned)

    Ownership of premise (if its owned)

  • Incase on Shorter Notice

    Consent Letter of Shareholders


  • 6
    Submission of Suppl. LLP agreement
  • 5
    Filing of form
  • 4
    Preparation of form
  • 3
    Preparation of Supplementary agreement
  • 2
    Verification of information
  • 1
    Collation of Information

You will get

  • Draft Copy of


  • Copy of

    Forms Filed with Roc

  • Approval from Roc

    For Change in Director

  • Roc Form

    Filing Fee

Form MFT 14, Form INC 22 in case of change within ROC, Form INC 23 in case of change of ROC

Yes, except in the case of change within local limit of city, town or village where it is presently situated.

In case of change within ROC, Form INC 22 needs to be filed within 15 days and in case of change of ROC, Form INC 23 needs to be filed within 30 days.

No, you needn’t to be available in person, Change in Registered Office process is online. A scanned copy of documents can be sent to us via mail, and we will handle the rest.