A Section 8 Company is formed with a motive of not making any profit and with an objective of promoting commerce, art, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment and intends to apply its profits, if any, or other income in promoting its objects. No dividend is to be paid to its members.

A Section 8 Company is similar to a Trust or Society and also enjoys all the privileges and be subject to all the obligations of a Limited Company. Approval of Central Government is required for registration of a Section 8 Company. A section 8 company has more credibility and better legal standing as compared to Trust or Society.


Status of a Limited Company

A Section 8 Company enjoys all the privileges and be subject to all the obligations of a Limited Company

Firm can also be a member

A Partnership firm can also be a member in Section 8 Company

Not required to add the Suffix

A Section 8 Company is not required to add the suffix Limited or Private Limited at the end of its name

Easy Transferability

Shares of a Section 8 Company are transferable by a member to any other person in the manner provided by the Articles

Various Exemptions

A Section 8 Company enjoys many exemptions under company law

No Stamp duty

A Section 8 Company is exempted from Stamp duty

Documents Required

  • Copy of

    ID proof for members

  • Copy of

    Address Proof

  • Passport size


  • Copy of

    Rent agreement(If rented property)

  • Copy of

    Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)

  • Copy of

    Property papers (If owned property)

  • Specific Requirement

    Landlord NOC

  • Director’s Directorship details

    (In other Companies/LLPs, if any)

Minimum Requirement

  • Object must be

    Charitable or to promote arts, science, commerce etc

  • Intends to

    Apply all its profit in promoting the objectives

  • Assures the

    Prohibiting of the payment of dividends to any of its members

Registration Process

  • 6
    Incorporation Certificate
    5 to 7 days
  • 5
    Submission of MOA & AOA
    3 to 5 Days
  • 4
    Name Reservation & Govt. Approval
    8 to 10 days
  • 3
    Obtain DSC and DIN
    4 to 5 days
  • 2
    Verification of Information
    2 to 3 days
  • 1
    Collation of Information

You will get

  • DIN

    For 2 Directors

  • DSC

    For 2 Directors

  • Name

    Search & Approval

  • MOA


  • Registration Fees of


  • Pan Card of


Any individual or company or LLP including NRl and foreigner can become the member of Section 8 Company.

In case of a Private Section 8 Company only two members are required and if it is a Public Section 8 Company then it should have seven members.

Section 8 company can appoint any number of directors. There is no requirement of minimum or no restriction of maximum number of directors. Howerver to fulfil requireent of qorum for board meeting, a section 8 company should have minimum 2 directors.

NO, the requirement of minimum paid-up share capital is not applicable to a section 8 company.

Yes, an NRI can register a Section-8 Company.

Section 8 company should have non-profit objects, and it must ensure that profit if any shall apply in promoting and supporting the objectives. It should not provide any benefit/fund to its members.

Yes, section 8 company needs to comply with annual filling with ROC each year.

No, you needn’t to be available in person, section 8 company incorporation process is online. A scanned copy of documents can be sent to us via mail, and we will handle the rest